Debtor management

Your billing adjusted to your accounts receivable.

With Fynn, you can tailor your billing to your accounts receivable. Say goodbye to standard processes that don't fit your business cases.

Configure your debtor

Fynn offers you a wide variety of settings on the accounts receivable to make the billing process as customized as possible with few clicks.

Manual approval process
You prefer to check the invoices in advance? On each customer you can stop the automatic finalization of an invoice until you release it.
Collective invoices
Your customer would like to receive a monthly collective invoice for all subscriptions? Set this up individually per customer.
Individual dunning rules
We give you the possibility to customize dunning rules such as the dunning fees or the payment method to be used. Learn more  

Real time statistics

See the current turnover of a customer directly on the customer dashboard. You can also find out which debtors generate the most revenue.

Reverse charge procedure

We take into account the reverse charge procedure for all invoices that we issue for you. Foreign B2B customers are no longer a problem for you.

XInvoice & ZUGFeRD

Your customer is an entrepreneur and needs an electronic invoice? No problem, we also offer electronic invoices in different formats. Learn more  

Datev Integration

Use your existing Datev customer IDs or have them assigned automatically.


No matter if customers are from EURO countries or other currency countries. With Fynn you can store an own default currency for each debtor.
Learn more  


Is your customer from a non-German speaking country? No problem, Fynn can speak more than one language on invoices and in the system. Just assign the right language to your customer.

Multiple billing addresses

If your customer has several branches, you can select a separate address for each subscription and manual invoice.
Simplify the accounting of your debtor many times over and reduce the effort on your side.

You can also schedule a change of address to always have the correct address on the invoice.

Document management

Always have all documents at a glance - Existing customer documents and contracts can be imported into the system and can be viewed in a structured manner at the customer. This includes the documents created from billing.

User defined fields

Add as many custom fields to your accounts receivable as you want, both from the front end and through the API interface.

Document your notes directly on the debtor - finally no more post-its on the screen.

Credit balance

Does your business run on a prepaid basis or do you want to book surplus payments as credit? All this and much more can be implemented with our credit solution.

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